Holistic psychotherapy for individuals, teens, and couples.

Know Yourself.

Love yourself.

Be Yourself.

My Approach.  Hi, I’m Jessie. I help individuals and couples better understand themselves and make the changes necessary to live a freer and more content life. Healing requires self-knowledge and exploration, but also action, and I help my clients with both. It’s an amazing feeling when someone, through our work together, is able to find liberation from their struggle and have a new, powerful, life-changing experience of themselves. I absolutely love what I do and look forward to the opportunity to help you on your way.

I offer holistic, collaborative psychotherapy to adults, couples and teens. This means that I view each individual or partnership as unique, whole, and dynamic, and utilize the best aspects of leading psychological theories and research-based interventions when working with my clients. I believe the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between client and therapist, so I focus on providing an honest, safe relationship where you can feel my investment. I don’t sit back—I lean in, and offer authentic real dialogue. Together we will explore and identify the areas of your life that demand attention in order to work toward resolution and balance.

The foundation of my approach is a relationship of trust and respect and a commitment to social justice and liberation. After that, my therapeutic orientation depends on you. I want to know who you are and what your needs are so that I can base my approach on your goals. I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness techniques, Psychodynamic theory, Somatic Experiencing and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).

I partner with adults, teens, and couples. I offer inclusive services for individuals, teens and partnerships of all ethnic, racial, gender identities and sexual orientations. My sessions start at 50 minutes weekly, but can be adjusted to better fit your needs after an assessment.

I provide a free initial phone consultation where we can better assess our fit and discuss logistics.

Meet Jessie

About Me. In a way, I feel as though my choice to become a therapist was laid for me through perfectly timed learning and growth opportunities. I was a precocious child who had to learn early on to navigate and survive in difficult, and sometimes outright dangerous, situations. I picked up interpersonal skills from reading the adults around me: constantly assessing my safety through understanding their emotional terrain. I’m not grateful for my suffering (and I won’t ask you to be), but I am grateful that living my life has taught me so much about the human condition and the many external influences that affect our quality of life. I see my work as a therapist as an act of ‘paying it forward,’ because I believe that psychotherapy saved my life.

I grew up in a loving but very dysfunctional home and began emulating the cycles of abuse and addiction that I was surrounded by at a young age. As a result, at 16 years old I was court mandated to attend substance abuse counseling. Looking back, this was a fork in the road for me. I remember dragging my feet to therapy, but after some time passed and I built a relationship with my counselor, I couldn’t wait for the imminent self-discovery and much needed love and attention that our sessions brought me every week.

Since those many years ago, in addition to psychotherapy, I have participated regularly in many different forms of self-discovery: art, yoga, meditation, travel, long distance bike rides, backpacking, rock climbing, and ultimately my MA in counseling psychology and PhD in East-West psychology.

It is important to me to share a little about my journey, for two reasons. First, to dismantle to notion that the wounded cannot heal. Secondly, to reveal my humanity. I believe in the transformative power of real, authentic relationship and so I believe that the therapist should not hide. If you choose to work with me, I promise to never hide my humanity.


  • PhD (in dissertation) East-West Psychology – California Institute of Integral Studies
  • MA Integral Counseling Psychology – California Institute of Integral Studies
  • BA Fine Art – University of Alaska Anchorage


  • MFT Trainee and Intern – Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center
  • Restorative Justice Group Facilitator – Dublin Federal Correctional Institution
  • Teaching Assistant – Multicultural Awareness in Counseling
  • Teaching Assistant/Guide – Wilderness Rites of Passage (Vision Quest)
  • Volunteer and Consultant Group – AEDP West


Through clinical experience, educational training, and subsequent training, I specialize in the following areas:

Depression and Anxiety.  I approach depression and anxiety with both depth and pragmatism. I employ a blend of cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) and mindfulness techniques within a depth psychology context. My goal is to help you understand yourself and the causes of your symptoms at a deeper level while also focusing on the practical steps to feel better! When tackling significant distress, both insight and practical coping tools are necessary. In treatment together we will oscillate between both.

Trauma Recovery.  I work with an overall trauma-informed understanding of the psyche. At times, we encounter terrifying events and endure losses that change the course of our lives. There is no way to undo the trauma or loss, but there are ways to encourage resilience and safely process these events in therapy that will promote a fuller, more open, and happier life. Within a safe therapeutic relationship, we will address the difficult and often painful side effects of traumatic events and process through the emotional blocks created in times of duress.

Relationship Issues.  Do you have a string of unsuccessful relationships that have a similar abusive, neglectful or anxiety-ridden quality? Do you want to being partnership but don’t trust yourself to pick someone good for you? I have researched contemporary attachment theory for several years and trained in attachment therapies specifically that utilize both insight and the clinical relationship to improve our ability to tolerate intimate relationships. Research shows that a safe and well-matched therapeutic relationship is a driver in earning secure adult attachment, which affords us the ability to be in healthier, reciprocal and loving adult partnerships.

Assertiveness/Boundary Setting.  Setting healthy boundaries, speaking up, and setting limits does not always come easy. For some, saying ‘No’ brings up such debilitating anxiety that limits go unset. This leads to ongoing, repetitive, unhealthy patterns in relationships. I help clients learn to recognize and set boundaries and manage the anxiety of making such a vital change.

Addiction and Substance Use Concerns.  I practice from a harm reduction perspective. This is a collaborative approach that is aimed at reducing the negative consequences associated with addiction. I will meet you where you are at and partner with you to create practical goals. Goals range, depending on you, from abstinence to use or behavior reduction. I am experienced in working with alcohol, cannabis, pornography and sexual addictions as well as medication misuse/abuse.

Changing Habits and Goal Achievement. Do you struggle to make lasting change in your life? Do you have an important life goal that seems to be continually out-of-reach? I offer goal-oriented therapy that can help you to both understand your blocks and move through them in a progressive manner.

Anger Management.  Though anger is a normal emotional and aspect of being human, many of us are left without understanding how to process and express it effectively. Therapy can help you learn how to tolerate, manage and express your anger so that you can preserve your relationships. Together, we can identify your triggers, increase your ability to cope with anger, and ultimately express it in a safe and effective manner.


To set up an appointment, please call my confidential voicemail at (415) 965-6173 or fill out the form below. If you use the form below, double check your email to be sure it is the correct one. Please note that it may take me up to 24 hours to respond.

I offer a free phone consultation before scheduling if you have questions or concerns that need tending to. We will need about 10-15 minutes to talk, so just be sure to leave me a message with a few good times to reach you.

For Oregon residents: My office is located at 1280 Pearl Street.

For California residents: I offer online therapy only.

Jessica Brown, CA LMFT #105959

Jessica Brown, OR LMFT #T1436